Why Real Estate Appraisers Are the Only Objective Party in a Transaction

Buying or selling a property is a significant financial decision that involves parties such as lenders, agents, buyers, and sellers. All parties have a financial stake in the transaction, except the real estate appraisers, who are the only objective party. These professionals do not benefit financially regardless of whether the deal closes or not. In […]

Why Your Home Appraisal May Have Come in Low: Understanding the Appraisal Process

As a real estate appraiser, I understand that homeowners may be surprised or disappointed when they receive a low appraisal. However, it’s important to note that appraisals do not always come in low. In fact, many appraisals accurately reflect the fair market value of the property. That being said, it is possible for the contract […]

Maximizing Home Value: Why Cost of Renovations Doesn’t Always Equate to Value

As a real estate appraiser, I have seen many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that the cost of renovations will always equate to an increase in their property’s value. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and it’s important for homeowners to understand why. The truth is that not all renovations will yield a […]